Why Musee is Our New Favorite Product

Hey y’all!

We have a new obsession… and it’s about to be yours too.

Meet Musee.

You see bath bombs all over your Pinterest and Instagram. But lemme tell ya, these beauties beat them ALL.

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First off, each balm is a title of a song. How trendy and hip is that? The packaging is adorable too!Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Second, there are different categories of balms. You can get there summer collection or their Aroma Therapy/ Relaxation Collection. These balms are so soothing and good for your skin thanks to the essential oils in every blam. Ladies, you know we love to have that perfect glow. 

Third, the different colors and scents are absolutely PHENOMENAL. Our store smells like pure heaven thanks to these bad boys. Processed with VSCOcam with q1 preset

We are absolutely in LOVE with this product and know you will be too!

Here is a little blurb about them from their website!

“The muses from tales of long ago brought inspiration through the gift of song and lyric. Musee bath balms remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that serenade the heart and comfort the soul – good books and long naps, fireflies and bonfires, handwritten letters and unexpected presents, a spring rain or the first snowflake of winter, owls on fences and wise people – and especially….hot baths and cool tunes.

Hand pressed with natural ingredients, our therapeutic aromas and soothing oils are refreshing to the body and healing to your skin. And as life would have it…you might just find a little surprise waiting for you at the end.

At Musee, we believe its time to soak in life.”

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Musee, we totally agree!

Come by our store to check out this amazing product, you won’t wanna miss it!


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